Ian Mausner is a well-known philanthropist and a much sought-after name in relationship and divorce consulting. He is a leading money manager and has made a significant contribution in this arena. Moreover, he is the founder of the Ian Mausner scholarship, which helps students reduce their financial burden. He understands the significance of education and is also well aware of the financial burden students have to undergo. All this has led him to find his interest in the area of child welfare. He is actively involved in charitable organizations that specifically focus on the welfare of at-risk children. Also, he is well known for his interest in all elements of finances. He has around fifteen years of experience in relationship and divorce consulting. Has developed himself as a finely tuned individual who has a strong and long-lasting relationship.

He plays a significant role in helping individuals make a peaceful transition from divorced life to a single healthy lifestyle. Uses his unique ability to connect with those individuals who need him during their trying times. He is passionate about ground-breaking technology. Moreover, his company Sunshine LLC offers strategic consulting services to various start-ups.

The crucial element of Ian Mausner’s scholarship

Ian Mausner, famous for his philanthropic activities and association with charitable institutions, focuses on child welfare. He is a board member of an international organization and an Advisory Board member of voices for children. When coming to the Ian Mausner scholarship, keep in mind that it has a simple application process. Those individuals get selected who are talented, deserving, and focus driven. Academy excellence is the critical area for assignment. Moreover, the candidates have to write an essay that will be evaluated, on the content, quality and originality. For this, you have to pay attention to the following points:

  • The students must hold a postgraduate or Masters’s degree from a recognized University to apply for the scholarship.
  • The scholarship awards $1,000 USD directly to the University financial aid account of the winner.
  • They have to write an essay on the topic- What do you plan to achieve in your professional life and, how is your education critical to reaching that goal?
  • The final date of applying is the 1stOctober, 2021. Also, the winner will get announced on the 15th, October 2021. The declaration of the winner will get displayed on ianmausnerscholarship.com.
  • While applying, the applicant has to provide documents in Word format to info@ianmausnerscholarship.com.

The application must contain the details encompassing the following:

  • First and last name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Full mailing address
  • Accurate information of the present academic program.
  • Accredited University name.
  • Graduation date in DD.MM.YYYY
  • GPA at the time of application.
  • Essay submission within 700 to 850 words.

It comes without saying that the scholarship is a path-breaking initiative taken by this philanthropist. It aims at reducing the financial burden of students and help them drive towards success. He understands the significance of education and also its interrelation with the development of the nation.