Ian Mausner is a great money manager and also a sort after name in relationship and divorce consulting. He has established the Ian motion scholarship for helping students reduce their financial burden. He perfectly understands the increasing complexity of the educational scenario and the heightening tuition fees. He is a philanthropist who focuses not only on his career but also on social issues. Philanthropy is central to his personal as well as professional life. He is an active member of the charity works and has a specific interest in the overall development of at-risk children. In addition to finance, he is well aware of other issues involved in the educational sector. He has fifteen years of experience in relationship and divorce consulting. He has thereby developed himself as a finely tuned person who has experience in a long-lasting relationship.

All you need to know about the Ian Mausner scholarship

Ian Mausner has successfully authored several books that provide piercing and direct insight on different issues. He has learned lessons from his own experience. The scholarship has a simple application process that candidates must anticipate. The selection process will focus on identifying the most talented, deserving, and also driven candidate. Academic excellence is the most significant area in this selection process. The winner will get notified through email.

The winning candidate must acknowledge acceptance of the award within two weeks through email. After the winner’s proclamation, the awardwinning student must attend the university function. Moreover, the financial aid will get credited to the account of the scholarship winner. You will get a declaration of the winner officially on October 15th, 2021. You will get an announcement on ianmausnercholarship.com.

Students who want to apply for the scholarship must be eligible for a postgraduate or Masters’s degree from a recognized University. The application has a deadline of October 1st, 2021. Moreover, they have to write an essay on the topic “what do you plan to achieve in your professional life, and also how is your education important to reaching that goal?”

Also, the application must comprise the details of the following: –

• First name and last name

• Full mailing address

• Email address

• Contact number

• Accurate component of the present academic program.

• An accredited University name.

• Graduation date in DD.MM.YYYY

• GPA at the time of application

• Write an essay of 700 to 850 words.

Interested candidates must make a note of the deadline. Also, submit their application along with the essay in a Word document to info@ianmausnerscholarship.com. The scholarship includes an award of $1,000 USD. That will go directly to the account of the scholarship winner.

Keep in mind that Ian Mausner has a reputation for his philanthropic work with charitable institutes. These institutes emphasize child welfare and also care. Moreover, he has been a board member of international institutions and also an Advisory Board member of children’s voices. Furthermore, he is also a reputable member of the honoree lifetime board to the San Diego New Children’s Museum.