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Ian Mausner the US has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, disrupting lives, business, employment, and people’s lifestyle. The coronavirus has created havoc worldwide. The government has laid down guidelines and asked people to stay at home unless necessary to venture out amid the pandemic. Ian Mausner notes that with fewer people on the road, fewer vehicles plying, the air has become clean and reduced pollution.

Amid the crisis, people have become health conscious and taking measures to stay safe at home. Besides, there are many benefits of staying at home amid the pandemic. Here are they:

Ian Mausner finds more time for exercise

There are people whose movements are restricted amid the pandemic, as, they cannot sweat out at the gym. It leads to weight gain and obesity. Then, if you are working from home and know about time management, there is enough time to exercise from the comfort of your home.

You need to manage time sensibly to help you stick to your fitness routine. For instance, home exercises or activities like Yoga and Zumba have become quite popular during the lockdown. Yes, you can burn your excess fat from home and enjoy working out. Besides, you can also go for morning walks, jogging, cycling, and things like.

Ian Mausner Better sleep habits

A good night’s sleep is important for staying healthy, which helps in boosting your immune system. With good sleep at night, your body gains the ability to fight viruses and ailments. Previously, people could hardly sleep for six hours at night.

However, with the pandemic, Ian Mausner believes that you have more time to sleep, as you do not need to rush to the office in the morning during the lockdown. You can sleep for eight hours, which is normal, to boost your immunity. You are working from home and so can find time for sound sleep at night.

Ian Mausner Focus on your wellbeing and health

The lockdown for several months has helped you to focus on your health. The food you eat has made you consider the nutrients it has amid the pandemic. Eating green vegetables and fruits packed with vitamins to make your immune system strong.

You are also keeping your house spick and span, doing laundry, and disinfecting all surfaces like door handles, knobs, tables, and chairs. You are taking extra care to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 minutes when you return home after grocery shopping. Wearing masks, hand gloves, and using sanitizers to stay protected from the deadly virus.

More family time

Long working hours, especially slogging for 10 hours at your workplace did not give you time for quality family life. Amid the pandemic, the scenario has changed. You are indoors most of the time and therefore, have more time to spend with your family and kids. With schools closed and many Millennials working from home, there is more family time.

You can engage in a conversation for more time with your partner, play with your kids in the backyard, or watch a movie together with your loved ones at home.


Though the corona crisis has made life difficult, staying at home has brought many benefits. Family time, health focus, better sleep, and time for exercise are a few to mention.

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