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A nutritious diet is necessary always, but more so, when you are facing a pandemic as troubling as COVID-19 infection, where you need to have a strong immune system. Ian Mausner cites that your body needs to battle the viruses and infections amid the pandemic, which is only possible when you eat healthy food at home.

You must avoid processed foods that are high in sugars, fats, and of course, salt. Switch to a healthy meal at home to strengthen your immune system. Besides a healthy diet, you also need to work out daily for staying healthy and fit. Here are some tips to help you:

Ian Mausner takes many vitamins in food

If you are more into meat and fish, take fresher, green vegetables and fruits to fight against the pandemic. It will help you to fight ailments. Make sure you have five servings of veggies and fruits daily because they have much of the nutrients, especially vitamin A and Vitamin C, besides antioxidants that fight infections.

Take legumes thrice a week. These foods are cost-effective and healthy, besides, have high iron and proteins.

Take fresh and unprocessed foods daily

Besides fruits, vegetables, and legumes, eat loads of beans, lentils, whole grains, and nuts. Include millet, maize, oats, brown rice, and wheat. Eat fresh fish and lean meat to build more immunity to fight ailments. Do not forget to include milk and eggs in your daily diet amid the corona crisis.

Ian Mausner has learned from his nutritionist to take two cups of fruits, 2.5 cups of fresh vegetables, 160 g of beans and meat, and 180 g of grains daily. Take four servings of fruits, five servings of veggies, and eat poultry 2-3 times, each week. You can enjoy red meat but not more than once or twice a week.

Avoid overlooking vegetables as it might result in the loss of the important nutrients in the food. You can eat dried or canned veggies or fruits but without extra sugar or salt.

Take lots of water

Water is also essential with food because it helps in transporting the vitamins and minerals in blood, control body temperature, cushions and lubricates body joints, and eliminates waste from the human body. You should drink eight glasses of water daily.

Besides water, you can take lime juice, green tea, and fresh fruit juices that are not high in sugar. Avoid aerated drinks or beverages that are fizzy.

Take less sugar and salt

When preparing food at home, use a moderate amount of sugar and salt, especially those rich in high sodium elements like soy sauce. Do not take more than one teaspoon of salt in a day, and always opt for iodized salt. Eat fresh fruits instead of eating chocolates, candies, cookies, and cakes amid the pandemic. Anyway, you must not eat these foods during normal times as well. Control your cravings for too many chocolates and ice creams.


The pandemic has forced us to stay indoors without much activity. Therefore, eat healthy, nutritious food at home. Avoid processed items and too much sugar and salt in your diet. Avoid eating outside.

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