Improving web traffic is one of the hardest parts of operating an online business. In fact, for 61% business owners feel that generating leads and traffic is their biggest challenge.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways to increase the traffic to your website and, in this blog, Ian Mausner lists down and discusses some of the most effective ones.

 Ways to Improve Web Traffic:

Performing Keyword Research:

Make sure that your website content includes the relevant keywords. Also, keywords need to be integrated naturally, and not stuffed in a way that they end up distracting the reader from the main idea. You should include your keywords in the headers, URL, page title, meta-description, and a few times in the content body.

There are various free and paid tools out there that allow you to conduct keyword research. These tools will also show the keywords that your competitors are targeting, how often each keyword is used by your target market, the pay-per-click ad cost for every keyword, as well as a number of other related and relevant keywords. 

If possible, hiring a professional SEO agency: they can provide valuable insights and data, and conduct audits to identify any issues that might be affecting your website’s search engine rankings.

Creating a Business Blog:

Ian Mausner advises business owners to have a blog where they can publish long-form, valuable content pieces. In fact, having a business blog is imperative, as companies who regularly blog receive 55% more website visitors than companies that do not blog.

The logic is simple: the more value a visitor can extract out of your site, the likelier they are to frequent it. 

Once you have created a blog, you should:

  • Write attention-grabbing headlines
  • Focus on relevant topics
  • Invite industry experts to guest-blog on your site
  • Create attractive visuals
  • Include video content

Making Your Site More Responsive:

Today, most people use their phones to visit websites. So, if your website forces people to scroll and find their way around, it might as well be telling them to go away.

You do not need to have the most sophisticated website, but at least make sure that visitors will be able to comfortably view and access it from different kinds of devices, including smaller phones.

Promoting Website Content on Social Media:

Producing great content and hoping that people find it is far from enough. Ian Mausner strongly advises all business owners to share their website content across all their business social media profiles and channels.

Twitter is perfect for shorter and snappier pieces, while Facebook can be used for longer-form content. If you operate in the B2C product segment, you should also leverage image-heavy platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Final Word:

To sum up, increasing website traffic is the core prerequisite for increasing your leads, conversions, and revenue – we hope that the above tips by Ian Mausner will help you do just that. While a few measures might provide instant gratification, others will only produce results with time, patience, and consistency.

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