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Ian Mausner Scholarship is supposed to be a highly-esteemed and recognized scholarship awarded by Ian Mausner, who is known for being versatile and multi-talented. He is an authority in the money management and financial advisory industry. Ian is also a renowned name in the field of divorce & relationship consulting.

About To Ian Mausner

Ian is a philanthropist to the core who is also actively involved in charity work associated with children. Ian has over 15 years of experience in his divorce and relationship consulting business in which he guides couples from marriage through their divorce and into healthy single life in an efficient, timely, cordial and cost-effective manner. This transition is obviously very difficult, especially after long relationships, but Ian’s accumulated experience over all his years in the field have made him the best possible support a person can have during those challenging times.

Ian Mausner

He has a passion for ground-breaking technology. He is known to offer long-term strategic consulting services to startups via his organization Sunshine LLC. His multi-faceted career has many more feathers to it. Mausner has been successfully running the Cryptocurrency Growth Fund. Moreover, he is a prominent partner in the Vertical Opportunity Cannabis Fund. 

It is but natural for a man of his stature to consider the plight of American students coming from not-so-affluent backgrounds. Ian Mausner has instituted this prestigious fellowship that is being awarded every year to brilliant students having a record of academic excellence. The meritorious and deserving students, who are facing financial issues, are invited to apply for the reputed Ian Mausner Scholarship. Highly-gifted students who can come up with path-breaking ideas and have the potential to bring about radical changes in the present global scenario are certainly the right candidates for this fellowship.

A Pillar of Support

Ian Mausner Scholarship recognizes academically excellent scholars for exemplifying leadership, innovation, and even community service. Mausner is a kind-hearted man with service to humanity as his vision in life. He fully-empathizes with such dedicated but helpless students who are facing obstacles in their pursuit of fulfilling their career aspirations because of a cash crunch. Ian is the ultimate messiah and the savior of deserving and dedicated students. He has been supporting them with this highly-acclaimed Ian Mausner scholarship award. The one-time gift-money is $1,000. It is just a gesture of appreciation for the grit and determination of students who are pursuing higher studies despite so many hardships. Ian offers this prestigious scholarship to outstanding scholars with exceptional creative and innovative abilities.


A Multi-Faceted Career

Ian Mausner has been a phenomenally successful divorce and relationship consultant for the past 15 years and more. Ian realizes that divorce could be a traumatic experience for couples involved. Divorce impacts behavioral and mental health. The intense emotional pain of divorce, she may find herself in a complete mess she has no clue regarding how to go about processing the loss and starting a brand new life and identity distinct from her marriage. Mausner feels that the disintegration of a long intimate relationship and ultimately the divorce could result in deep psychological distress that may stop you from moving on in life. For many divorced people, the experience leaves a permanent scar on their emotional makeup. Some common feelings of resentment, anger, shame, fear, and anxiety during and even after divorce could wreak havoc on your physical and mental health too. 


Ian Mausner

This is where a kind-hearted soul like Ian steps in. He guides divorced people through this traumatic phase and inspires them to lead healthy and fulfilling single life in a cordial, cost-effective, timely, and competent way. The extraordinary personality of Ian Mausner is the Amazon #1 best-selling author. His book ‘Getting Back on Top: The Uncensored Guide to Sex, Dating, and Relationships after Divorce’ won tremendous acclaim and phenomenal popularity. (http://ezrd.me/r/?rd=083GDQBackOntop)

An Authority in the Financial Sector

Ian takes immense pride in enjoying an extensive career in the financial consulting and money management sector where he has been providing valuable advice to families and individuals with professional financial advice. Mausner contributes regularly to the reputed site Huffington Post and some other publications to share his knowledge and enlighten everybody.

A Philanthropist with a Big Heart

Ian Mausner is a noted name in children’s charity work. He is actively involved in several charities that are related to kids. He has been a prominent board member of Promises2Kids, an Advisory Board Member to Voices for Children, and an honorary lifetime Board Member of the San Diego New Children’s Museum. He is actively involved in the activities of these three charity organizations. He actively supports these charities by making heavy donations from his business profits. A man with truly a heart of gold, Ian is respected and held in high esteem for his social work. It is no surprise that he has instituted the Ian Mausner Scholarship to help the academically brilliant students who are finding it difficult to afford the exorbitantly high college education fees. 

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Scholarship Providers: Ian Mausner

Academically brilliant scholars from underprivileged families often face hardships and obstacles in their pursuit of a college education due to financial constraints. Ian Mausner Scholarship was founded, to support these bright young minds and help them fulfill their career dreams and aspirations. 

Eligible Candidates: Meritorious students presently pursuing graduate studies or even enrolled presently in full-time Master’s or involved in postgraduate research programs are eligible to apply for the prestigious Ian Mausner Scholarship.  

Courses: The financial aid of one-time $1,000 annually, is extended to students, who are aspiring to chase their career dreams of achieving success in full-time academic programs at either a graduate-level or Master’s level, or acquire a research-based postgraduate degree.

Award Details: The one-time gift-money is $1000, and it should be regarded as a non-returnable financial payout.

Essay Topic: “What do you plan to achieve in your professional life and how is your education important for that?”

Deadline: 1st of October, 2021

Results: The winner, receiving the esteemed Ian Mausner Scholarship, will be announced on the 15th of October, 2021.

Application Procedure: If you are thinking of applying as a candidate for this impressive scholarship, you need to submit your application with all necessary and accurate details in the form of a Word document to info@ianmausnerscholarship.com. Your application should be containing an original essay alongside the following necessary details:

  • First and Last Name
  • Contact Number
  • Full Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Accurate Details of the present academic program:

◦ The university (acknowledged or accredited) that you are pursuing a program in

◦ Your graduation date in YYYY.MM.DD format

◦ Your GPA at the time of application

Essay Topic“What do you plan to achieve in your professional life and how is your education important for that?”

Please answer in a maximum of 1 page.

Ian Mausner Scholarship Winner Selection

The much-aspired Ian Mausner Scholarship has been designed as basically a simple and easy application procedure; however, the selection procedure is rigorous. Focus is on identifying the most deserving, talented, and driven candidate for receiving the much-acclaimed Ian Mausner Scholarship. Your academic excellence definitely plays a pivotal role in the core decision-making process; however, your essay seems to be equally crucial in terms of quality, content, and most importantly, originality. It should be a clear expression of your thoughts.

Announcement of Winner of Ian Mausner Scholarship

The winner of the highly acclaimed scholarship will be notified formally via email, and the winning candidate is required at the earliest, to acknowledge the email’s receipt. Once the winner is announced and notified, the proceeds of the Ian Mausner scholarship would be transferred directly to the winner’s official address and/or bank account at the earliest possible. The result would also be officially announced on the 15th of October 2021, at ianmausnerscholarship.com.