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Ian Mausner Scholarship is a leading money manager and a much sought-after name in the field of divorce & relationship consulting.  He has established The Ian Mausner Scholarship to help one student reduce their tuition burden. 

About To Ian Mausner

Philanthropy is central to Ian’s career and his life. Therefore, He is actively involved in charity work with a specific interest in the welfare of at-risk children. Ian is well known for his wisdom in all things finance. In addition, his 15 years of experience in divorce and relationship consulting has developed in him the finely tuned sensitivity needed to create solid and long-lasting relationships.

Ian Mausner

In his work, Mausner specializes in helping both men and women, many of whose marriages are in the process of ending. Also, He helps individuals make peaceful transitions from being divorce to leading single, healthy lifestyles. In other words, He does so by utilizing his own unique ability to connect with those who need him during some of the most challenging and pivotal times of their lives.


Ian Mausner is passionate about ground-breaking technology. Through his company Sunshine LLC, he offers strategic consulting services to start-ups in various business sectors. In addition, Mausner manages the Cryptocurrency Growth Fund and is a partner in the Vertical Opportunity Cannabis Fund.

A Pillar of Support - Ian Mausner

Mausner possesses a heart of gold, which can be seen through his many community service efforts. However, The Ian Mausner Scholarship is a natural extension of these activities, as it clearly displays his desire to identify and recognize students who possess the drive to lead, innovate and serve their communities.


Publishing Activities

He is author of the book Getting Back on Top: The Uncensored Guide to Sex, Dating and Relationships After Divorce, which provides a direct and piercing look at sex, dating and relationships after divorce. However, Lessons learned through his own experiences guide his insights, which he drives home through details of his work with many couples. The book is both general and specific, practical and optimistic.

A Philanthropist with a Big Heart

Ian Mausner is note for his work with charitable organizations that emphasize child welfare.  Similarly also, He has been a board member of Promises2Kids, an advisory board member to Voices for Children, and an honorary lifetime board member to the San Diego New Children’s Museum.

Ian Mausner

Ian Mausner Scholarship Winner Selection

The Scholarship uses a simple application process. Selection will focus on identifying the most deserving, talented, and driven candidate. Academic excellence will play a pivotal role as well.  Please note that the essay will be evaluate on quality, content, and most importantly, originality.

Announcement of Winner of Ian Mausner Scholarship

The winner of the Ian Mausner Scholarship will be notified formally via email. In addition, The winning candidate is required to acknowledge acceptance of the award within two weeks through email.  Also, Once the winner is announced, proceeds will be sent to the university which the award-winning student attends, and credited to his/her financial aid account.  After that The winner will be announced officially on October 15, 2021 on ianmausnerscholarship.com. 

Eligible Candidates

Students enroll in a Bachelors, Masters, and/or Post-Graduate degree are eligible to apply for the Ian Mausner Scholarship.  

Award Details

An award of $1000 will be made directly to the university financial aid account of the scholarship winner.

Essay Topic

“What do you plan to achieve in your professional life and how is your education important to reaching that goal?”

Application Deadline: 

Applications for the Ian Mausner Scholarship must be received by October 1, 2021

Winner Announcement Date:

The winner of the Ian Mausner Scholarship will be announced on October 15, 2021.

Application Procedure: 

Submit your application along with your essay in a Word document to info@ianmausnerscholarship.com.

 Your application must contain the following details:

  •   First and Last Name
  •   Contact Number
  •   Full Mailing Address
  •   Email Address
  •   Accurate Details of your present academic program.
  •   Accredited University Name ·  

Graduation date in DD.MM.YYYY

  •   GPA at the time of application
  •   Essay Submission of 700-850 words.


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